Where to Find Legal News

Keeping abreast of legal news in our modern world can be challenging. For those who are involved within this industry, knowing the latest developments is critical in order to stay ahead of such an ever-evolving curve.

Of course, large firms such as GTG Advocates are experts in their area of practice and much information can be gleaned from their homepage. There are still times when an individual may need to refer to multiple sources in order to obtain the “big picture”. What are some other useful portals that are worth noting?

Large Websites

It must first be noted that only the most reputable sites should be chosen. Smaller portals may be slightly biased in terms of reporting or critical information may be lacking. Therefore, online pages such as The Guardian, BBC News, Reuters and Jurist.org are great places to begin.


It should be mentioned that late-breaking legal news will normally take some time before it is compiled and distributed. Keeping up to date can therefore prove tricky on occasion. Online legal news forums such as World Law Direct are great resources to keep in mind. The largest portals will normally contain numerous different subcategories which can be browsed. This is also an ideal method to make valuable contacts. Still, let us keep in mind that these forums present news in its very raw form; some segments may be opinionated or otherwise slanted.

Mobile Applications

There are more individuals now than ever before who are utilising their smartphones to access the Internet. If you find that you are constantly out and about, it is wise to download an application that is designed to notify you when any late-breaking legal news is occurring. Once you click on the link, you will normally be taken to the website in question.

Traditional Means

While the online community undoubtedly proves to be an excellent resource, it is still a fact that traditional sources such as newspapers, magazines and television are always excellent forms of media to keep in mind.

Finding legal news is not difficult. By employing multiple resources alongside one another, you can be sure to receive the most accurate and vital information.