To Raise or to Call, That is the Question!

Poker is a game where you must be able to adjust in order to survive and win. Here are some great tips to follow:

When to Raise

1. If you genuinely think that you have the best hand at the table, then raise big. You’ll scare others into folding, narrowing the field and raising the stakes.
2. If you have your hand ready and don’t need to draw another card, raising might force players who still need some cards to fold.
3. Raise to gain some valuable information. If you decide to raise, your opponents must call, raise, or fold. This will give you information about their hands.

When to Call

1. If your hand is excellent, but you want to keep that fact hidden so you can raise the stakes later, calling is a good idea. It’s a move that is basically a reverse-bluff. Calling may give other players more confidence to stay, raising the pot further.
2. If you fancy a bluff later on during the game, calling in the early rounds could camouflage your plans, while making other think your hand is much better than it is.