Is playing poker online difficult?

With the popularity of internet games, it was only a matter of time before poker followed suit. Now that poker games of different variations are available online, there is a debate as to whether playing poker online is more difficult than playing live poker.

Online poker is definitely more difficult than live poker for several reasons. In live poker, players have the advantage of ‘reading’ their opponents’ expressions. The player can read the facial expressions of the opponents to try and gauge what hand they are holding. Players can also throw their opponents off by giving wrong signals. The game of live poker is an art and the audience can feel the tension in the room.

The game of online poker is lonely and played with faceless opponents whom you cannot read. Winning relies on strategy and luck.

Online poker is extremely convenient. If you want to play, you simply log in online and you’re good to go. There will always be an opponent somewhere waiting for someone to play against regardless of time and location.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question whether playing online poker is more difficult than playing live poker. The only constant is that it depends on the player.