Popular Casinos

Casinos are the perfect blend of excitement, entertainment and luxury, and many of them now cater for an increasingly family-oriented crowd. The days of seedy casinos with overflowing ashtrays, shifty characters and smoke filled gaming rooms are long gone. These days you are more likely to find a theme park, family restaurant or dazzling live show when visiting a casino.

This article will look at one of the newest casino destinations in the world: Macau, and highlight two of the newest and most popular casinos there. The strong dollar in Macau means that your entertainment budget will stretch further than a casino visit at home!


Macau is a glittering jewel of an island off the coast of China and within ferry distance from Hong Kong, where thousands of thrill seekers visit each day to dance with lady luck. It’s a relatively new casino destination compared to places like Monte Carlo or Las Vegas, but has already attracted casino-lovers thanks to the huge growth in gaming and tourism.

The Venetian Macao

The wealth on display in Macau is incredible, and a visit to the Venetian Macao Casino will quickly show you why Macau has become the latest gambling hot-spot. It’s the largest casino in the world and is modeled on the winding streets and canals of Vienna, complete with gondola rides and a huge painted ceiling that replicates a fine summer day.

The casino is part of a huge resort that features shopping malls selling the latest luxury goods, 24 restaurants, an entertainment centre, kids zone, mini-golf course, gyms, pools and even a Football Fanatic Zone for any football fans.

The casino area of the resort features over of the latest 3,000 slot machines and 870 table games that are busy 24 hours a day. The neighboring Chinese are frequent visitors, so expect to see mahjong tables on offer and free Chinese dim sum being offered to hungry visitors.

City of Dreams Casino

The City of Dreams Casino in Macau is another mega-casino in Macau, but is aimed at a younger crowd than the family-centric focus of the Venetian Macao mentioned above. The shows cater to a younger demographic and there are pool parties, drinking competitions and celebrity endorsed events on offer year-round.

The decor is also more vibrant compared to the luxury and decadence on offer at other casinos in Macau, and has a futuristic, avant garde style that suits the atmosphere of the place. Also worth noting are the amazing shows on offer, including a twice daily production of the ‘House of Dancing Water’, which is worth a trip on its own.

The Casino area is spread over 420,000 square feet and features 1,300 machines and 400 bustling gaming tables to attract eager punters. There are regular promotions and free lessons for beginner players.


Macau has a lot to offer the discerning casino lover, with a wide selection of glittering casinos that have the latest gaming machines, world class shows and affordable accommodation and dining. Why not consider a trip to Macau for your next casino holiday?